Aluminium Foil For Wrapping


  • High-quality aluminum foil wrap for your kitchen retains the freshness and warmth of your lunch, breakfast, and dinner.
  • Edge cutter- foil box includes the edge cutter, making it simple to cut the right portion of the aluminum foil off the roll
  • Safe and hygienic aluminum roll is ideal for baking, cooking and packing food items for your kitchen.
  • Biodegradable, natural recycled, eco-friendly


Model Type: Paper Foil (25 m)
About model: Aluminium Silver Kitchen Foil Wrap Roll Paper Pack of 1
Type: Aluminium Foil
Color: Silver
Material: Aluminium
Country of Origin: India



Aluminium Foil Roll is heat resistant, moisture-proof, and oil-proof. It is non-toxic, odorless, and uses little energy to keep food fresh while grilling or baking. It is convenient, fast, and energy-efficient. You can also post it in the kitchen in order to keep cooking utensils clean.