Carom Seeds Whole Ajwain


About Oye Kirana Ajwain

Oye Kirana Ajwain seeds have many health benefits and the taste of intense bitterness.

Spice of the highest quality to spice up your dinner, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Aromatic spice imparts a delightful exotic flavor to a wide range of dishes. Oye Kirana’s Ajwain is 100% vegetarian, completely natural, with no artificial colors, flavors or colors.

Brand Oye Kirana
Weight100 Grams
SpecialtyNo artificial colors, No Artificial Flavors
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Ajwain is also known by the name carom, or Bishop weeds. It is a source of essential oil comprised of several bioactive substances, which is why it is considered a medicinal herb. During all seasons, It is available, and its leaves have a thin texture.

The seed of Ajwain looks similar to the cumin and fennel. It has been used since early times across India, Africa, and Middle Eastern for cooking which can also enhance the flavor of foods and functions as a preserver in pickles, chutneys, and jams. They are a unique food source for digestive fibers, which aids in maintaining gut health.

Benifits of Oye Kirana Ajwain

  1. Relieves acid reflux and indigestion instantly
  2. Prevents and treats the common cold
  3. Relief from Ear and Toothaches
  4. Used for cleaning wounds
  5. Preventing hair from greying