Cinthol Lime Bath Soap


In the Cinthol Lime Bath Soap, every bath will feel like a fresh start. With its lime scent, this bathing soap will delight any sense. You will enjoy a relaxing bathing experience with the enhanced lemony scent. A wonderful citrus scent is left on your skin all day long as you use Cinthol Lime Bath Soap, allowing your skin to feel clean and supple. Cinthol Lime Soap enables you to love being alive. Explore the many options of refreshing Cinthol soaps that are with four other variations that include Health+, Cool, Deo and Original.

Skin Type: All
Item Form: Bar of 100g each (Pack of four)
Scent: Lemon
Use by: Adult
Product Form: Bar
Brand Name: Cinthol
Uses For : Refreshing
Scent: Lemon
Skin Type: All



By using Cinthol Lime Bath Soap, every bath is a new start. Take pleasure in the heavenly scent of lime using this bathing soap. The enhanced lemony scent refreshes your senses, resulting in the most relaxing bathing experience. Cinthol Lime Bath Soap has an amazing citrus scent that lasts throughout the day and leaves your skin feeling clean and rejuvenated throughout the day. When you use Cinthol Lime Soap, being alive is great. Explore the variety of refreshing Cinthol soaps. They are with four other variations, which include Confidence+ cool, Deo and Original.

About the brand: Cinthol is more than just a personal-care brand. It’s a way of life, best described in three words: alive is amazing. It’s about offering people amazing experiences that make life worthwhile, and each Cinthol product is an experience. Although Cinthol is an established brand, however, it continues to evolve with evolving times. Over the past two decades, the market has changed and with it. Cinthol also has updated its soap formulation along with its packaging design and mix of products to meet the demands of modern-day customers. Cinthol has launched a brand new line that includes soaps, talc’s shower gels, and deos with new and innovative designs, as well as stunning, vibrant packaging. It’s a brand young people today can identify with as it’s inspirational bold, brave and just plain awesome.