Colin Glass Cleaner


It gives two times more shine” than ordinary cleaners by removing dust and dirt.
Mirrors, tabletops, and glass windows can all be cleaned with this product. Additionally, they can be used on fridges, ovens, kitchen cabinets, furniture, and car windows.
One version available: Regular (Blue) and Shine Booster. This glass cleaner cleans away dirt, dust and stains to enhance the shine of items with glass surfaces.
Available in sizes: 250ml, 500ml, 1L

  • Specific Uses For Product: Mirror
  • Item Form: Spray
  • Special Ingredients: Alcohol Ethoxylate
  • Brand: Colin
  • Surface Recommendation: Glass
  • Special Feature: Streak Free
  • Scent: Mint
  • Item Volume: 1500 Milliliters
  • Net Quantity: 1500.0 Milliliter
  • Item Weight: 500 Grams
  • Seller: Oye Kirana


A stained glass surface could cause eyestrain. Although germs and dust can accumulate on the glass surface, routinely cleaning them can preserve their shining and luster. For keeping your cabinets, windows, appliances, and furniture in perfect condition, Colin Glass Cleaner is an essential addition to household cleaning supplies.

The new formula is powerful and easily gets rid of hard water stains, accumulated dirt, and difficult staining. It is a complete cleaning product for your home that keeps the glass surfaces in good condition and looking new. It has vinegar as its principal ingredient. Vinegar is renowned for its mighty cleansing power that eliminates dirt and makes them pick and span.

The surface cleaner gives a smooth, shiny shine and is not rough on the skin. Colin is scented and is not a nuisance to your nose. Its trigger is convenient and allows you to spray directly onto the stain for maximum efficacy. It makes cleaning any kind of glass and all surfaces that are generally shiny easy as pie. Colin Glass and surface cleaner and surface cleaner, powered by shine boosters and getting rid of dirt, also gives two times the shine of ordinary cleaners.

Colin can clean every surface well by cutting through the various kinds of oil, dirt, and grease, leaving shining and clean surfaces. Colin surfaces and glass cleaner are ideal for the glass surface, basins for washing, windows, toilets, window grills and pipes, faucets, showers and bathtubs, refrigerator, TV oven, kitchen cabinets, ceramic floors, and wall tiles.