Cumin Seeds Zeera


About Oye Kirana Zeera

If you’re in search of authentic, Premium-quality zeera online, you’ve arrived at the right spot. If you’re thinking what makes Oye Kirana could be the best location to purchase zeera or black jeera online in Bareilly

At Oye Kirana we offer authentic spices that are grown in India.

BrandOye Kirana
SpecialtySuitable for vegetarians
Diet TypeVegetarian
Package Weight100g
Specialty‎Suitable for vegetarians
Ingredient Type‎Vegetarian
Brand‎Oye Kirana
Packed by ‎Oye Kirana
Country of Origin‎India


Benefits of Oye Kirana Zeera

Oye Kirana zeera (Cumin seeds) can be described as an essential Indian spice that is not just a spice that adds flavor to your meals but provides many health advantages. No other spice can rival the numerous benefits of cumin and its distinctive aroma and flavor. It is rich in a phytochemical compound known as cumin aldehyde. It also has properties that combat the effects of diabetes, epilepsy, tumors and improves the immune system.

  • Helps in getting rid of acidity and bloating.
  •  Improves Digestion
  • Treats Diabetes
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Aids Respiratory System