Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner


Brand: Dove
Item Form: Liquid
Material Feature: Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner
Hair Type: Damaged
Product Benefits: Detangling
Age Range (Description): Adult
Number of Items: 1
Recommended Uses For Product: Detangling, Frizz Management, Nourishing
Scent: Hair Fall Rescue

About Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner

  • By reducing breakage by 98 percent, Dove Hair fall rescue Conditioner with Nutrilock Actives fosters deep nourishment of hair, thus minimizing hair loss due to breakage.
  • Hair Detangler and Frizz Control: Dove conditioners make hair smooth and tangle-free by nourishing and removing hair tangles. This allows the comb to glide smoothly through the hair.
  • With the benefits of sunflower oil and other nourishing ingredients, the conditioner gently loosens the hair.
  • Its Moisture Lock technology helps nourish frizzy and tangled hair without adding weight to it. For the best results, apply the product to hair from the ear to the tips, where hair tends to tangle more easily.
  • It has no parabens and dyes, as well as without added sulphates. This makes it suitable for use in daily life. It’s also suitable for colored as well as chemically treated.
  • Shampoo cleans scalp and restores hair, while conditioner moisturizes hair. Make use of Dove conditioner each time you shampoo for smooth, untangled and frizz-free hair that splits less when combing.
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Try Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner to get rid of knots and easy manage hair right from the first wash. Shampoo removes hair flakes and cleans it, while the conditioner is an excellent source of nourishment for hair. Apply Dove conditioner after every shampoo to have smooth, untangled hair that is frizz-free and does not break when combing. This Dove conditioner can help remove all hair types, such as curly, straight, or dry hair.