Buy Kissan Fresh Tomato Ketchup


Only natural, organically ripened tomatoes are used in making Kissan Fresh* Tomato Ketchup. The Tangy Tomato Ketchup can be served with almost any food item to give it an enhanced taste. If you’re in the mood for crisp pakoras or are looking for something to serve your roti-sabzi or veggies with fresh, our fresh* Tomato Ketchup has the perfect solution for you.

This is definitely a winner when it comes to bribing your children into eating their food. The unique flavor comes from the real, juicy tomatoes used in the making of it. It’s a guaranteed hit with any snack such as samosas noodles or pakodas. Or just the simple roti roll. It’s a perfect ingredient for creating delicious, healthy and nutritious food. Spread it out on a crunch cracker, roll the mixture in a Roti roll and serve it with noodles or samosa for your children’s tiffin time with a range of different flavors. The next time you’re looking to make the greens in the kids’ plates acceptable, try Kissan Tomato Ketchup. Tiffins will be empty in no time!

Manufacture: ‎HUL
Flavour: Tomato
Weight:1000 Grams
Brand: ‎Kissan
Package Information: Bottle
Specialty: Vegetarian
Material Feature: Vegetarian
Country of Origin: ‎India


Established in 1934. The brand Kissan has enjoyed great success in India. There is much more jam, ketchup, sauce and squash in Kissan. It’s all about enjoying their food and growing joyfully. Kissan’s delicious and natural goodness keeps moms and children happy.

The Kissan brand’s message for mothers is the ability to make their tiffin time enjoyable and healthy thanks to the Kissan collection of products, which are created using only natural ingredients! The bright red tang of tomatoes in the ketchup gives you the sensational pleasure of natural goodness. Kissan fresh tomato ketchup is made with only the finest tomatoes.

  • It is simple to pour and serve and can be enjoyed along with any snack.
  • Made from 100% real tomatoes.
  • Changes a dull meal into a tiffin that is empty
  • Have it with Samosas, pakodas, noodles or Roti roll to make an interesting lunchtime tiffin.
  • Secured in transparent glass packaging to ensure the highest quality and flavor of the product
  • Kissan gets 100 percent of their tomatoes from sustainably sourced sources, thus aiding in the creation and maintenance of small-scale farmers’ lives locally.