Lifebuoy Protection Bathing Soap


The distinctive formulation and anti-bacterial ingredients found in the Lifebuoy Protection Bathing Soap make it different from other soaps available, delivering more protection against germs. Healthful, safe from the most common skin germs as well as the elimination of body odor are the principal goals that the label has.

Item Form: Bar
Use for: Whole Body
Brand: Lifebuoy
Recommended Uses For Product: Anti-bacterial
Age Range (Description): Kid|Teen|Adult
Item Weight: 125 Grams
Net Content Weight: 500 Grams
Net Quantity: 500 gram

  • Lifebuoy is the Number 1 Germ Protection Soap that is the #1 Seller
  • Lifebuoy Silver Shield Formula – the effective formula to protect against germs and defend against the most powerful germs
  • Lifebuoy Total 10 soap gives you 100% more powerful anti-microbial protection (As as per lab tests on indicator organisms versus soap bars with active ingredients)
  • Bathe with the Lifebuoy Total10 Soap to protect your family members from germs that can cause cold, flu, diarrhoea, and other infections.
  • Make use of Lifebuoy at these five essential occasions – prior to every meal, which includes breakfast, lunch or dinner when bathing and afterwards having a shower and whenever you need to.
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Lifebuoy is a reputable brand that has been protecting lives since 1895. Lifebuoy Protection Bathing Soap is the top one selling germ protection soap and is the world’s number one selling germ protection soap. Its revolutionary silver shield formula gives the most robust defence against germs*

*As per lab test on indicator organism vs soap bar without actives