Buy Maggi Tomato Ketchup


With its distinctive flavor, Maggi’s rich and tasty tomato ketchup gives any dish a taste of tangy tang. It’s the star of your snack, and the ideal alternative to boring meals. Every tasty food item, whether it is samosas, noodles, pakodas, or even plain chapatis, is enhanced by Nestle Maggi Ketchup. Nestle Maggi’s Tomato Ketchup is made from tomatoes and a mix of spices to produce the most delicious taste that everyone enjoys. It is great with food items such as fries, burgers, pizza, pasta, and much more. Nestle Maggi Tomato Ketchup is tasty and nutritious.

About Product:

  • The essential Sauce from your favourite Maggi brand.
  • It is made with real tomatoes, It can be enjoyed alongside any meal.
  • It transforms dull food transforms into a tasty and delicious experience.
  • To preserve the taste, they are packaged in impermeable glass.


The battle to get your children to eat their vegetables will be won with Maggi’s Rich Tomato Ketchup. Because it is made with fresh and 100 percent authentic tomatoes, it has a unique flavor. It is an unquestionably hero to any snack, whether it’s samosas, pakoras or noodles or even simple roti rolls – a perfect ingredient to make healthy and delicious food. So go ahead, buy Maggi Rich Tomato Ketchup online today!

Manufacture: Nestle India Ltd.
Flavour: Tomato
Weight: 1000 Grams
Brand: Maggi
Package Information: Bottle
Specialty: Vegetarian
Material Feature: Vegetarian