MOTHERS Udad Papad


MOTHERS Udad Papad 200g (Lentil crisp and seasoned by black pepper, spice, and salt, authentic recipe from the past.)
The delicious and tasty papad comes from 100 percent Udad dal. The classic papad is made from the finest ingredients available for the most authentic and delicious taste.



Enjoy it with  – It is perfect for eating as an any-time snack, served with dips, or for a meal accompaniment to your food.

How to Cook MOTHERS Udad Papad ?

To roast For several seconds over an open flame. Then flip it over and back until it is cooked.

To fry Cook: In an oil frying pan. Fry each papad for a couple of seconds, and drain and remove excess oil.

To Microwave, Brush papads with cooking oil and vegetable on each side, then cook approximately. Forty-five seconds or until cooked.

Unusual Features: hygienically packed