Nigella Seeds Kalonji


About Oye Kirana Kalonji


  • Oye Kirana Kalonji is a 100% vegan and natural product.
  • The product is carefully selected and then cleaned in strict hygiene standards.
  • Nigella is a key element in the Bengali five-spice blend, also known as panch phora or panch puran. It is used to temper dal, greens, and other recipes.
  • Kalonji assists in preventing hair loss. Kalonji assists in the treatment of diabetes. It assists in improving memory. Kalonji helps with headaches and also benefits your heart as well. Kalonji aids in curing arthritis, reducing blood pressure, and helps prevent cancer.



BrandOye Kirana
SpecialtySuitable for vegetarians
Diet TypeVegetarian
Package Weight100g
Specialty‎Suitable for vegetarians
Ingredient Type‎Vegetarian
Brand‎Oye Kirana
Packed by ‎Oye Kirana
Ingredients‎Nigella Seeds
Country of Origin‎India



Benefits of Oye Kirana Kalonji

Kalonji (also known as Nigella Sativa is regarded as an amazing herb with a rich history and religious roots. It is grown extensively across the world, and it is an annual plant that is cultivated in India.

  • Seeds of Kalonji can treat constipation
  • Help in Reducing headaches
  • Helps to lose weight
  • Improves oral health
  • Improve Heart health