Buy Santoor Sandalwood and Turmeric Bath Soap


  • The Santoor Sandalwood and Turmeric Bath Soap combo pack are perfect for your grocery shopping as well as a pantry. Organic Anti-septic Soap
  • Since the beginning of time, turmeric and sandal have been an integral component of skincare.
  • Santoor is a blend of the ingredients listed above to create the most unique and lasting natural beauty regimen.
  • Santoor provides you with an exclusive bathing experience that leaves your skin soft and smooth.
  • Quantity is 500g, which includes four pieces of 125g each
  • It also gives you an enduring youthful glow
  • Sandalwood helps remove blemishes and soothes the skin.
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Santoor has evolved from a traditional soap into a contemporary cosmetic soap that holds the secrets to younger-looking skin for women of all age categories. Sandal and Turmeric have been integral ingredients in women’s skincare regimen for many centuries. The elements that are deep-acting Turmeric along with Sandal within the soap give soft, smooth and clear skin, as well as providing a youthful glow to the skin.