Sendha Salt


About Oye Kirana Sendha

Oye Kirana Sendha Namak is made from premium quality, organically and ethically sourced pink salt from the Himalayas. It is mainly composed of sodium chloride and contains various vital minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

BrandOye Kirana
SpecialtySuitable for vegetarians
Diet TypeVegetarian
Package Weight100g
Specialty‎Suitable for vegetarians
Ingredient Type‎Vegetarian
Brand‎Oye Kirana
Packed by ‎Oye Kirana
Ingredients‎Sendha Namak, Pink rock salt, Rock salt
Country of Origin‎India



More about Oye Kirana Sendha Namak (Rock salt)

Oye Kirana Sendha Namak is great for seasoning and sauteing vegetables and making soups, curries and salads. Rock salt is also known as saindhava namakh (pahadi namakh), sonda namak (saindavalavanam), and sonda namak (saindavalavanam).

The table salt, which is finely ground, is the most common. However, a more pure and crystallized form is called “Sendha Namak”, or rock salt.

  • It is great for body detox. Salt helps remove toxins from your body by transferring them from healthy cells to your bloodstream.
  • It has been proven to be more effective than other salts at removing toxins.
  • Lower Blood Pressure Salt has a bad reputation, but your body needs to regulate its systems.
  • Sendha namak, a high-nutrient-dense ingredient, is loaded with many beneficial components such as 84 out of the 92 naturally occurring mineral minerals.