Surf excel Easy Wash Detergent Powder


Brand: Surf Excel
Scent: Fresh
Material Type: Free Stain Remover
Item Form: Powder
Item Weight: 1500 Grams
Formulation Type: Regular
Specific Uses For Product: Stain Remover, Cleaning
Net Quantity: 1500.0 gram approx.
Liquid Volume: 1500 Millilitres

About Surf excel Easy Wash Detergent Powder

  • It is effective on coloured and white clothes.
  • Its advanced technology can fight difficult stains like chocolate, ketchup, oil and curry stains.
  • Surf Excel Easy Wash offers the power of 10 hands to remove hard-to-clean stains quickly.
  • Hand-washing using two scoops of surf Excel Easy Wash.
  • Machine-washing – Utilize 3 scoops of surf Excel Easy Wash.
  • For tough stains, soak your clothes in Surf Excel Simple Wash for thirty minutes.


With Surf Excel Easy Wash Now you can remove difficult stains with the power of 10 hands. We know washing clothes and getting rid of staining can be very exhausting and time-consuming. Particularly if you’re a mom of a child who fills the laundry basket with clothing covered in a myriad of stainings like grass stains from soccer practice, ketchup spills from lunch, and paint stains from classes in art. Up until now, you’d have soak your child’s dirty clothing for several hours, then scrub them using a brush or a bar.

Have you ever you’ve wondered what takes such a lot of effort and time to get rid of staining from your child’s clothing? The reason is that regular detergents don’t dissolve completely and therefore don’t perform as efficiently. Surf Excel Easy Wash an ultrafine powder that gets rid of hard-to-clean stains in a flash and does not leave a trace on your clothing. Because it is a fine and soft powder, it dissolves quickly and penetrates the stain and eliminates it quickly.

Its specially designed formula with superior technology lets you unleash its power in 10 hands that can remove the staining that is the most difficult to remove like ink, mud oil and ketchup as well as curry stain , and chocolate effortlessly.