Tata Salt


About Tata Salt

In the past 20 years Tata Salt has lived up to its promise of being ‘Desh Namak’.

SpecialtySuitable for vegetarians
Diet TypeVegetarian
Package Weight1kg
Specialty‎Suitable for vegetarians
Ingredient Type‎Vegetarian
Ingredients‎ Salt
Country of Origin‎India


Iodine is an essential dietary ingredient for humans since it is critical for optimal growth, thyroid function, and brain health.

Introducing Tata Salt, a salt that guarantees purity and the proper amount of iodine. Iodine promotes appropriate brain development in youngsters and helps adults avoid iodine-deficient illnesses.

Tata Salt’s Vacuum Evaporation technique offers a hygienic alternative to loose unbranded salt – salt that human hands haven’t touched. Use this salt to make your favourite dishes, such as biryani, vegetables, soup, and so on, both delicious and healthful.