Biscuit Brands In India: Discover The Top 12 Behind Every Tea Time!

Biscuit Brands in India
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Biscuit Brands In India: Discover The Top 12 Behind Every Tea Time!

In many Indian households, the unmistakable aroma of freshly brewed tea signals a sacred pause in the day. But what would tea be without its trusty sidekick? Biscuit brands in India have crafted moments, memories, and mouthfuls of joy for generations.

Dive into this blog post, and we promise you an enchanting journey that uncovers the top brands that have been the unsung heroes of countless tea tales across the nation. Get ready to discover stories, flavors, and the magic behind every bite.

The Timeless Bond between Biscuits and Tea

In a quaint town in Kerala, where the monsoon painted everything with a fresh hue of green, little Rohan would often watch his Ammachi, his grandmother, prepare tea in the old, brass kettle. The rhythmic sound of the raindrops was a background score to his most cherished memories. But tea wasn’t the sole protagonist of this story. As the steam spiraled up from the cup, Ammachi would reach out to the biscuit tin, its exterior faded but its contents ever so delightful.

Each tin held stories. Stories of how biscuit brands in India evolved, yet some things never changed. There was the classic Parle-G, a biscuit that tasted like history, each bite a reminder of Ammachi’s tales of her own childhood. Then there was the Marie biscuit, perfect for dunking, softening just enough to melt in the mouth but sturdy enough to not break away.

Ammachi often spoke of her younger days. Days when radio tunes filled the room, when letters took weeks but carried emotions, when biscuits and tea were not just snacks but an event. “Times have changed,” she’d say, “but some bonds, like that of biscuits and tea, remain timeless.”

Rohan would listen, enchanted, munching on his biscuit, imagining a younger Ammachi, her hair jet black, laughing with her friends, a biscuit in one hand, tea in another.

The brands have grown, flavors have multiplied, but the essence? It remained unchanged. For Rohan, it was not just about the popular biscuit brands in India; it was about moments, memories, and a bond that stood strong against the test of time.

Here is a list of the best biscuit brands in India!

The Big Players in the World of Biscuit Brands in India?

Our tale would be incomplete without mentioning the giants of the biscuit world. Parle-G stands as a testament to time itself. With its iconic packaging and the little girl’s face, it’s a brand that needs no introduction.

Biscuit in India

In the vast landscape of biscuit brands in India, a few names stand tall, casting long shadows of legacy, trust, and taste. These are brands that have effortlessly slid into our daily routines, becoming an indispensable part of our tea-time tales. Let’s dive into the stories of these household giants.

1. Parle

  • Origins: The journey began in the bustling streets of Mumbai back in 1929. Since then, Their Parle-G has not just been a biscuit; it’s been an emotion.
  • What’s Special: The simplicity of its taste, combined with its affordability, makes it a favorite. Generations have grown up relishing this glucose biscuit, making it synonymous with childhood memories.
  • Did You Know?: This brand holds the distinction of being one of the world’s best-selling biscuits.

2. Britannia

  • Origins: Founded in Kolkata in 1892, Britannia made a humble beginning. Today, it’s a name recognized and loved across the country.
  • Variety: From the evergreen Marie Gold to the rich Good Day, Britannia offers a range that caters to every palate.
  • Did You Know?: Britannia was one of the earliest biscuit brands in India to introduce a range focusing on health with its NutriChoice line.

3. Sunfeast

  • Origins: A relatively newer entrant, launched by ITC in 2003, Sunfeast quickly climbed the ladder of popularity.
  • Innovations: Sunfeast became a sensation with offerings like Dark Fantasy Choco Fills—a delightful mix of crisp biscuit and molten chocolate.
  • Did You Know?: The brand made waves with its unique flavors and combinations, often inspired by popular Indian desserts.

In a country brimming with flavors and culinary traditions, these big players have mastered the art of delighting consumers. They’ve seamlessly integrated into our culture, making every chai-time special. As the world of biscuits continues to evolve, these brands remain our comforting constant, ensuring that every bite takes us on a trip down memory lane.

Lesser-Known Biscuit Brands in India with a Strong Following

While there are giants in the world of biscuit brands in India, there’s a special realm inhabited by lesser-known brands. These brands might not have the towering presence of the big players, but they’ve captured hearts with unique flavors, authenticity, and sheer dedication to quality. Let’s venture into this world of hidden gems.

4. Unibic:

  • Origins: Hailing from the tech city of Bengaluru, Unibic made a mark with its premium range of cookies.
  • Unique Selling Point: Their cookies, packed with rich ingredients like nuts and chocolates, transform a regular tea-time into a gourmet experience.
  • Did You Know?: Unibic was one of the first brands in India to introduce cookies with a high percentage of real ingredients, such as fruits and nuts.

5. Karachi Bakery:

  • Origins: Born in Hyderabad, this brand has its roots set deep in history, tracing back to the times of partition.
  • Flavor Palette: Their fruit biscuits, tinged with tutti frutti bits, have a distinctive taste that’s hard to forget.
  • Did You Know?: Despite its regional origins, it’s now sought after nationally and even has international outlets.

6. Anmol Biscuits:

  • Origins: An enterprise from Kolkata, Anmol has steadily expanded its presence across India.
  • Variety: The brand caters to diverse tastes, from sweet delights like Dream Lite to savory treats like Yippie noodles-inspired biscuits.
  • Did You Know?: Anmol has a significant presence in the rural markets, understanding and catering to the palate of a vast audience.

In the vast sea of biscuit brands in India, these niche players have carved a place for themselves. They might not be on every billboard, but they’ve certainly found a spot in many households. Their stories, flavors, and journey resonate with those who seek authenticity wrapped in delightful tastes.

Health and Fusion Biscuit Brands in India

In today’s bustling world, as people become increasingly health-conscious and open to global flavors, biscuit brands in India have ventured into exciting territories. They’ve seamlessly blended health and innovation, catering to the modern palate while echoing traditional preferences.

  1. Health-first Approach:

7. Patanjali:

  • Ayurvedic Footprints: A beacon among biscuit brands in India for its emphasis on Ayurveda, Patanjali offers a holistic snack experience.
  • Highlight: By steering clear of artificial additives, they’ve emphasized purity and wellness in every bite.
  • Did You Know?: Beyond biscuits, Patanjali’s vast range of Ayurvedic products has transformed India’s FMCG landscape.

8. McVitie’s:

  • A Western Whiff: As one of the international biscuit brands in India, McVitie’s brought with it the charm of digestive biscuits.
  • Highlight: Their commitment to whole grains and reduced sugars shows an understanding of the health-first trend.
  • Did You Know?: Digestives from McVitie’s have often been the secret ingredient in many delightful dessert creations across cafes in India.

9. RiteBite:

  • Nutrition-Packed Delights: Among the new-age biscuit brands in India, RiteBite emphasizes nutrients without compromising on taste.
  • Varieties: From multi-grain biscuits to protein-packed snacks, they’ve pioneered the fusion of taste and health.
  • Did You Know?: RiteBite has been a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts, seeking that perfect balance between taste and health.
  1. Fusion Flavors:

10. Bisk Farm

  • An Eastern Saga: Hailing from the East, Bisk Farm’s innovation in flavors has cemented its position among top biscuit brands in India.
  • Highlight: Their ability to balance sweetness with a hint of spice exemplifies fusion at its best.
  • Did You Know?: Bisk Farm’s reach, though starting regionally, now spans across the country, thanks to their unique flavor profiles.

11. Oreo

  • Globally Indian: A testament to how global brands can harmoniously blend with Indian flavors, Oreo has introduced tastes like coconut and chai spice.
  • Highlight: Their constant innovations have kept the Indian consumer eagerly awaiting their next creation.
  • Did You Know?: Oreo’s collaborations often reflect a deep understanding of the local palate, making them a favorite across ages.

12. ITC’s Sunfeast Yippee:

  • Beyond Noodles: Known predominantly for noodles, their entry into the world of biscuit brands in India brought about zesty innovations.
  • Signature Flavors: Their offerings, inspired by popular Indian spices, offer a delightful break from the usual.
  • Did You Know?: Sunfeast’s experimental approach has redefined the expectations from a traditional biscuit.

In the vast and varied realm of biscuit brands in India, modern narratives revolve around understanding the evolving consumer. It’s a dance between health and flavor, tradition and innovation, creating an array of choices for every Indian household.

Lesser-Known Biscuit Brands in India


As we savor the final crumbs of this journey through the world of biscuit brands in India, it’s clear that these beloved snacks have etched themselves into the fabric of our tea-time traditions. The stories, flavors, and memories they bring with them are a testament to their enduring charm. But this is just the beginning; the future holds exciting innovations and flavors, promising even more delightful moments.

Now, dear readers, it’s your turn to share in the conversation. Tell us about your favorite biscuit brands and the cherished memories you associate with tea time. Have you tried some of the newer brands and flavors we’ve mentioned in this exploration of biscuit brands in India? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and join the delightful world of biscuits during tea time.


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